Common Parts of Ranching Hats

The evolution of the cowboy hats is generally known to have started with the Vaqueros, who are Mexican Cowboys; they put on sombreros with high crowns and wide brims whenever they went about their business on the ranch. The cowboy hat was created to protect cattlemen working in the western heat. Cowboy hats can be worn for many reasons, including special occasions or hard work. A cowboy hat can be worn by people of different work descriptions nowadays. A random individual who is not even a rancher or a cowboy may choose to spice up his dressing by adding a hat to the mix.

Many people are unfamiliar with cowboy hats, and what purpose they are usually worn. This is even common with modern-day ranchers and farmers as well since the use of the former types of cowboy hats has declined in recent years. Many just choose to go for the baseball ranch hat variant these days, as it appears to be a lot less stress in terms of maintenance and choosing what to wear with it. There are six main styles, but going deeper — into some form of subdivision existing within the many hat styles —, you find that the brim of these hats comes in many different styles and shapes. In addition to this, the material of hats can also vary.

However, reducing the cowboy hat, or the rancher hat to the respective parts that make it up, there basically are three major components that make a hat, and they exist the crown, the brim, and the hatband. In essence, the reason why we have different ranch hat styles is the disparity between the shapes and sizes of these parts that make up the hat. We, however, in this article, will be discussing two other parts you should get acquainted with, so you don’t get found out as a wannabe cowboy. It’s really just for your own knowledge, so you probably won’t get lost when you’re shopping for cattle co hats.


A cowboy hat’s crown is located at the top of the head of the hat. Crowns can be fully rounded, squared, pinched, oval, or squared. The crown really is one of the prominent parts of the hat, that is easily seen when you’re wearing it. Selecting a hat to wear, you have to make sure you take the nature of the crown into consideration, so as not to look awkward while donning it.


The brim is the material that extends from the crown of the hat to the end of the entire hat. The brim protects your eyes from the sun, rain, snow, and wind. There are many styles and shapes of brims depending on the hat type. This protective part of the hat is one of the most common reasons why a rancher, cowboy or random person would tell you they are wearing a ranching hat.


The band is a decorative piece made of fabric, ribbon, or leather that is attached to the crown and brim. You can personalize your cowboy cap with hatbands. Add more style to your hats by choosing the best hatband and standing out from the crowd.


A “crease” is a dip or “dent”, that usually exists along the front, sides, or back of a cowboy’s hat. Some cowboy hats don’t have a crease. It is not necessarily something you find in every style of cowboy hat. It is mostly just there to add in cowboy pizzazz.

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