Features of Happy Plugs Air 1 Earphones that You Need to Know

The invention of wireless headphones was perhaps the most important thing for people who love listening to music from their devices. They shattered the perception of being tethered to a device and now come with additional features that make listening to music more enjoyable. One of the leading earphones in the market today is Air 1 from Happy Plugs, and we are going to look at their main features.

The Design 

The most remarkable thing about Air 1 is its unique design. The wireless headphones borrow heavily from Apple’s AirPods Pro but also come with enhancements for better quality and an awesome look. They feature a short stem with a longer bud plus metallic highlights all over. The size also varies, and you should go for the piece that fits your ears well.

Each bud is designed with a touch surface on the outer part that allows for volume control and playback. Although using the controls takes some moment to learn, they are pretty intuitive once you get used to them. Remember to be extra cautious because the controls are touch-sensitive to avoid hitting the wrong button by mistake.

Bluetooth 5.0 and Fast Charging

Air 1 wireless earbuds consolidate the latest technologies on the market, making them easily stand out from the pack. One of the notable technologies used on them is advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which provides a reliable 10-meter listening range. This means you can comfortably enjoy music in your home compound from the smartphone perched in the living room.

If you check the casing of the earbuds, Happy Plugs indicate the battery can last for up to 14 hours. However, this can be a little confusing. The earphones last for 3.5 hours, but the case allows you to recharge severally. The good thing about it is that they recharge pretty fast, and dropping them to the case for 10 minutes provides enough power to listen for 90 minutes. For those who only take a short period, such as 30-minutes or one-hour listening music every day, Happy Plugs Air 1 earbuds can last for several days.

Impressive Sound Quality

Happy Plugs Air 1 has stood out because of its impressive sound quality. The bass is particularly awesome. When I first used the earphones to listen to Cannibal Corpse, I had to dial back the bass.  The god thing is that the earphones come with different response levels to make the sound clear and enjoyable. You can select the mid-response that provides a warm sound overall or the high-end response option.

The headphones also provide impressive noise cancelation, helping to keep the sound clearer and enjoyable. Happy Plugs Air 1 offers almost the same level of noise cancellation to Bose and Sony for comparative purposes.

Ease of Use

For most people, the smartphone is a must-have device, and it is not a simple gadget only for direct texts and calls. Rather, it is a full station that makes it easy to call, text, spy on kids, and follow the security of the home. More importantly, it is an entertainment unit that allows you to listen to music, follow programs on the radio, and even watch movies. Happy Plugs Air 1 will come in hand to complement your smartphone. The plugs use Bluetooth 5.0 that works very effectively with both Android and iOS devices. Pairing them is also seamless.

If you want to enjoy every moment listening to music, this post has demonstrated that Happy Plugs Air 1 is one of the best earphones you can turn to. They have a lovely design, the sound quality is good, and are made to last. Their batteries are also long-lasting, and you are sure of one thing after buying Happy Plugs Air 1–high value for money.

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