Popular types of glass jewelry cremation

The following are some of the popular ashes to jewels cremation glass jewelry that you will come across:

Necklaces with the pendant glass urns

A classic and traditional form of memorial jewelry, a pendant glass urn is a minute urn that has a transparent glass cylinder that is attached to a necklace. The urn’s top part can easily be removed, which allows you to insert a small amount of ash before you secure the lid and carry your loved ones with you wherever you go.

A standard pendant glass urn does give you the chance of customizing the jewelry piece via adding names, dates, and other details to personalize it, relating to the person you have just lost. Others do offer a more complicated design, incorporating a heart, hourglass, and other symbols which are meaningful in the memorial glass jewelry.

One of the main pros of this particular cremation jewelry is that it is cheaper and easier to buy as compared to jewelry that features cremation glass and balls ash layered. While the former two do require that you send a portion of the ashes to the professional for it to be incorporated into the jewelry, the pendant urns can directly be delivered to the recipient who will then add the ashes on their own.

Glass pendants with the ashes

Just like with the pendant glass urns, you can as well honor your loved ones using a glass cremation necklace that features a delicate glass pendant. To add ashes to a glass pendant, it is something which can be done by having to swirl them in the glass while it is in the molten state. It will then result in the ashes being speckled within the pendant, thereby creating an image that is reminiscent of stars at night in the sky.

Another way of ensuring that the ash necklaces are made from glass is to encase the ashes in between the two glass plates. In this particular design, the glass bottom is normally colorful and bright, topped with a tiny portion of the cremated ashes which have to be placed carefully in a swirl design.

A final piece of the glass is put on top to ensure that the design remains in place all the time. The glass pendants made from the ashes can be put onto any type of necklace, creating a piece of memorial jewelry that is unique. From lavish gold chains to simple rope chokers, you can be able to customize the necklaces, similar to the glass pendants to ensure that the departed loved one is honored.

Glass rings made with ashes

Cremation ashes ring in the glass stones is another way of ensuring that you pay tribute to someone whom you have lost. When it comes to that, the cremation glass pieces are placed gently in the ring in a setting of your own choice. Since the cremation ashes are turned into glass beads is affordable, you can go ahead and create a statement ring that is sophisticated while on a small budget.

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