The Advantages of Buying Reconditioned Transformers

These transformers are the perfect choice if you are concerned about the cost and the lead time. The reconditioned transformers work efficiently. It depends on the factor how these are maintained and used. If the same is used properly these are an asset for you.

At surplec remanufactured transformer is made according to your specifications and needs. It sells power transformers in the Canadian provinces of Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. These can be modified according to the applicable standards.

Benefits of Reconditioned Transformers

Transformers are used throughout the world to supply power to transmission voltages, to both the industrial as well as domestic customers. But these have a lifetime in terms of the load which these bear and the environmental constraints.

Due to this most of the private network operators are going for refurbishment rather than replacement. Benefits of Refurbished Transformers are as follows:

It Saves Money and Time

The refurbishing cost is lesser than the actual cost of purchasing the same. Less time is consumed in reconditioning it. You need to do less expenditure rather than capital expenditure. The work can be carried out smoothly without any kind of approval process.

Extended Asset Life

The life of an asset is extended which proves useful for the customers. The electricity industry has to face regulatory compliance. So, these must make use of the resources in a responsible manner along with maintaining the environmental sustainability.

This can be done by extending the life of the transformers by adding more cooling. In this way, the transformer remains within the temperature rise limits.

Reduces Ongoing Cost and Are Readily Available

It reduces the cost of new poles, cement pads which are used for installation. As the new equipment is larger and takes much space. The new transformers take a period of around 3- 6 months to deliver and fabricate. But the refurbished ones are easily available. Even these can be customized fast for particular applications.

Increased Operational Flexibility

As these are easily available, this also lessens the need for keeping a spare one. There is a reduction in the amount of capital which is used in the replacement.

More Sustainable

These transformers are very efficient and decrease the demand for energy and the materials which are required to make a new transformer from scratch.


A refurbished transformer is the best way of minimizing waste and reusing valuable resources. The life of your existing transformer can be extended by reconditioning and rewinding it.

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