Things that you must always check in a holster


For the uninformed, carrying a gun is normal. The uniformed carry their guns when they are on duty. Apart from them, there are also licensed people who carry their guns. Where, how we carry our firearm matters a lot. It also varies from one person to another. How one person is used to carrying their firearm may be very different from how the other person is carrying their firearm. No matter the mission that we have, the holster that we carry, and how we carry it, there are two important requirements that we must adhere to. The number one requirement is keeping the firearm secure and safe especially when it is not in use. The second important requirement is that a holster should allow the wearer to get the gun or firearm fast enough when needed. There are many things that you must check when you are buying your shoulder holster. Here are some of them

The quality of the holster and the pricing

The price and the quality are always two different things but they end up confusing many. Some people think that high-quality holsters are always expensive. This may be true but that doesn’t mean that all expensive holsters are high quality. Buying a holster is always a great investment. Before you can spend your hard-earned money on one, it will be very important to make sure that your money won’t go to waste. When you are thinking of quality, look at important things such as the retention of your firearm, the material used to make the holster, and how easy it is to draw the holster. Your safety should also be a very important factor to always consider when you are thinking of price and quality.

Retention and reaction

It is also very important to check the retention and the reaction of the holster before making a purchase. Here, we are also going to empathize with security and ease of access. When it comes to retention, you should consider the level number that the manufacturer use. There are different levels such as level 1, level 2, and level 3 that can be used to describe the retention capabilities. Retention is simply what makes your pistol or gun in your holster. Retention is the same as the balancing act. When the retention is too little, you should never expect your gun to be secure. When the retention is too much, you should also expect your gun to be overly secured. When you have a holster with too much retention, it can be very difficult for you to draw your weapon. Therefore, you should never settle for too little neither should you settle for too much. Consider a retention level that will keep your gun secure but also a level that will help you retain your gun as soon as you want.

Wearing of the holster

This is a very important thing to look for when choosing a holster. It is recommended that you choose leather holsters that will allow your gun to be on the hip.

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